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Natal Reading –

A One Hour session that provides a comprehensive overview of your Vedic chart. I will discuss the potentials/tendencies that you were born with and emphasize your dharmic potential. Areas of life life that will be a focus are love, career, health and any other questions that can be seen in a chart. Remedies can be suggested. Please do bring your questions upfront as I cannot address them afterwards due to an enormous amount of e-mails. $50

Varshaphala –

This is a yearly chart based on your Solar Return. This is a one hour update analyzing the transits for the year that will affect you personally. $50

Relationship Compatability Reading –

I will analyze the compatability between two persons. I will emphasize the personal issues of each individual in relationship as well as the issues that could arise between the two persons. – $50

Muhurta –

$50 Determine the best dates and time to get married begin a new project or business, etc.

Remedies –

Gemstone or Mantra – $50 This can be recorded or written and you will not be required to be present for this reading unlike all others.

Prasna –

If you have a question but do not have an exact birth time then this is a great option. Even if you do have an exact birth time then you can benefit for the chart is cast for the time of the question, the birth of the question. This chart will give the probable outcome.

Private Tutoring –

$100 per hour If you have an area of interest in astrology that you would like to deepen then I will prepare a full hour lesson with handouts and a recording will be provided. You may use your chart as a learning tool or a chart of someone of interest.

For this I will need the the following from you:
Your place lace of birth – city, state or province, and country, the month, day and year and the exact time